Taxes,Spending unwisely,Market Risks,Health threats,and No asset protection are the major threats to our retirement plan.


About 40-50% of our retirement savings (401k/IRA) go to paying taxes:federal,state,penalties,and capital gains. We are taxed in many ways: income, sales,estate,capital gains,others.

Tax-free retirement plan using IUL

The way to protect our retirement savings is a tax-free retirement plan that is using an Index Universal Life Insurance (IUL), a permanent life insurance with investment or retirement savings that is tax-free per IRS code 7702. We already paid taxes in the form of income taxes so that we can keep our money when it grows and when we use it during retirement.

Market Risks

The crash of the stock market affected half of our 401k/IRA and investments. There is an Index strategy, an investment strategy in an IUL that does not participate in the downside potential of the market. Our savings or investments in an IUL has no market risks to gain with our principal and gains are locked when the market is down.

Spending Unwisely

Instead of saving for our retirement, we have not controlled our spending as we do not track how we spend our hard earned money. We should allocate saving at least 10% of our income when we are in our 30s, 15% when we are in our 40s and 20% when we are in our 50s to prepare for long life and a comfortable retirement since we could no longer depend on our Social Security benefits. Spending is one of the greatest threat to our retirement. An electronic fund transfer to our retirement savings each month will help control our spending habits.

Health Threats

We can go bankcrupt with most of our assets at risks when cancer,stroke or disability occurs. With LSW’s Index Universal Life policy with added living benefits at no costs, we can access funds from $100k to $1.5M when terminal,critical or chronic illness (cognitive impairment) occur. This is similar to a long term care insurance added to an IUL policy at no cost.

No Asset protection or IUL policy

With a stroke of a pen, we are leaving an estate to the next generation. We work more than 2 jobs to leave an estate to our children or prepare for a comfortable retirement. The cheapest way to leave a big estate is with a permanent life insurance like an Index Universal Life policy with investment.

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