A 48 yr old tax payer wants to avail of the tax deferred plan for her tax return and asked her tax preparer what to choose.  Whether to choose a $6k tax deferred savings or save at least $100k from taxes for her future savings by saving inside an Index Universal Life policy with investment feature of overfunding for lifetime retirement savings (return from 8-13%, guaranteed at 2.5%).

We tend to see the picture now and not the future consequences of our actions. Saving tax free from withdrawal and accumulation or growth means  that you are saving half of your future wealth. If that means saving 50% in taxes from your total fortune of say $200k, you are actually putting $100k more into your pocket and not Uncle Sam, not your real uncle.

Young savers in their 30s love stocks or real estate for the high return but not the high risk.  Older savers in their 60s wants long term savings with low risk but not a return of 0.7% like most CDs do.

So what to choose, a low risk with return of around 8-13%, liquid and guaranteed at 2.5% and most of all zero market risk with index strategy of investing only in upside potential locking gains and principal and a tax-free retirement savings to last a lifetime. With a stroke of your pen, you leave an estate tax-free for the next generation and in case of any health threats during your lifetime, you can access up to $1.5M in to your pocket.

Call Connie Dello Buono CA Life Lic 0G60621 at 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.com for a tax-free retirement savings to last a lifetime with all of the above features.  Money with you for 35 yrs at least and unlike the 401k, which can only last for 8 yrs.

Calling all active/inactive Life insurance agents in 50 US states, have your own agency at no cost but gain field trainers and unlimited training and support to grow your agency in 50 US states, with full leverage of your organization.  Unlike other business owners, whose business depends on their presence, with your own agency that is fully leveraged, you can go on vacation every 3months for 1 month.

Our children should know the value of savings, we can start them even at 1yr old and introduce them to a low risk, tax free way of saving for their future.

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