Join us this noon for a webinar that will review your retirement savings and act on cutting taxes to save your wealth.

Venue: gotomeeting  (Note: Please download gotomeeting ahead of time.)

ID: 896840485

password: success2014

Email Connie:

Limited to: 25 attendees

Time: 12:15 to 1:00pm PST

Date: March 19,2014, Wednesday

Learn retirement threats, retirement savings tax-free and what your options are based on your current income and retirement needs.

Know how much you can safely allocate each month from your net income to protect your wealth from taxes, market risks, health threats and more.

Email Connie the following to give you your own personalized tax free retirement savings plan: age, savings each month ($500 or more per month), how many more years to work (15 or more years), when to draw funds from retirement savings (20 or 25 yrs from now), how much needed during retirement years ($50k or more per year) and estimated assets (house,income,life insurance) to determine the face value of your permanent life insurance based on your current assets.

Email Connie for the recorded webinar, a new schedule and the powerpoint presentation.