It is wise to learn our lessons from those who walked before us. Who had been successful in their business, job or chosen career. Those who found satisfaction and love in what they do.

Here is an excerpt of my interview with a successful life insurance agent.

1. What do you like in your profession?

Answer: I like that I can build relationships, network with a variety of people, choose the people I can work with and meet their needs.

I like that I can provide meaningful financial product that can be an important asset and protection for families.

2.  If you are going to start again, what would you choose?

Answer: I will choose to be coached early on, to plan my daily tasks and to choose the success lists that I can follow through to the path of success

3.Would you like to own your own agency?

Answer: Yes, I like to own my own business or agency especially if I have support from a team of expert or senior people and be guided early on in building my business.

4.Would you like to offer a product that is the current trend in retirement savings to all your clients?
Answer: Yes, I have the obligation to serve the client’s needs first and offer only products that can help them now and in the future.

5. What defines success to you?
Answer: Success is that feeling of satisfaction within you that you have accomplished what you have set out to do and have an impact to others.


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