low battery- Esthers artwork

Artwork by Esther Dello Buono, social responsibility combining environment and technology

To compare and contrast between losing weight and saving for retirement is similar and contrasting in some ways. We can get the applause of anyone upon seeing how we become healthy and fit and do not get any noticeable difference if we have saved enough for our future. Although, I think in both cases, we are happy and contented. We feel that the two most important things in life, health and wealth are in order.

We need a health coach to remind us the steps we have to take each day to reach our goal of an ideal weight for our age, body needs, lifestyle and other personal/health/genetic needs.

We need a finance coach to educate us of the avenues that we can save for a lifetime retirement income that is tax-free and can be our legacy for the next generation, with money that can be electronically transferred to our retirement account on a monthly basis.

We need a partner to walk, dance, exercise and be finance savvy.

It takes a village to achieve our goals of losing weight and saving for retirement. We should keep our dreams alive each day. We do not want to be sickly when we age or go back to a low paying job during our retirement years.

We do not want to be broke and helpless during our retirement age.

Let us start choosing the right healthy foods each day and save 10% of our savings away for a tax-free retirement with no market risk.


Please email your weight goals and retirement saving goals to motherhealth@gmail.com or call Connie 408-854-1883 for a personalized coaching.

Call or email Connie for a webinar this Sat and Sunday on lifetime tax-free retirement and an overview about financial planning and tax-free retirement will be held at American Canyon this Saturday afternoon.