A balance in whole foods, exercise and stress-free lifestyle can help bring about an environment in our body that is not conducive for cancer growth.

So have an exercise buddy, health coach and a retirement planner to weed out any financial stress. Save while you are young to avoid retirement threats such as taxes, over spending and lack of knowledge about ways to save tax-free.

How would you know that you are prone to inflammation? You are prone to allergies and gets sick easy. To avoid a fragile body with poor immune system, avoid foods that causes allergies and make your blood vessel strong with colored foods. Up your Vit C, E and D and B (anti-stress). Allergy causing foods are processed ones, unnatural hormone-filled (milk, cheese, corn, meat). Eat alkaline-rich foods such as veggies. Cancer grows in acidic, sugar-rich and fat-rich foods and molds/fungus rich environment.

The Nobelist Dr. James Watson proposed an unconventional view on oxidative stress and diabetes
  • The conventional view is that oxidative stress causes insulin resistance. In March this year, the Nobelist Dr. James Watson, who co-discovered the double helix structure of DNA, proposed an unconventional view on the cause of diabetes in the journal “The Lancet“.
  • “The fundamental cause, I suggest, is a lack of biological oxidants, not an excess,” he says.
  • “Physical exercise prompts the body to make large numbers of oxidants — molecules called reactive oxygen species, or ROS,” he continues, and that’s why exercise is beneficial to our bodies.
  • This hypothesis certainly needs to be tested. It could be that it’s the balance that matters, and that disease results due to an imbalance on either side. i.e. both oxidative stress or oxidative deficiency, could lead to insulin resistance.