Toxic inflammatory agents around us, coupled with our lifestyle and genes can influence the way our brain cells create memory tangles that lead to Alzheimer’s Disease, a brain degenerative disorder.

Many in the northern part of the world are susceptible to it, because of the lack of Vitamin D, which is important in the absorption of Calcium and magnesium, important minerals in the growth of 90% of our body cells.

We have ingested other substances that prevent the absorption of calcium such as phosphates in our soda, free calcium in TUMS and other meds or preservatives.

What is key to a healthy brain is more than not eating so much pork, sugar, drugs or alcohol but using it as the saying goes, “Use your memory or you lose it”.

Sugar, fats and other inflammatory toxic substances can alter the growth of our brain cells, going disarray. If sleep  can help detox our body and brain cells, stress can prevent the slow death of our brain cells.

We can help create healthy brain cells if we consume coconut oil, vitamins E, C, D and B complex (anti-stress) and avoid toxins from asbestos, aluminum to drugs/meds.

And avoid inflammation with colored foods and stress free lifestyle. Be more active, as the food we take accounts for the 50% of the balance needed together with whole foods to achieve a high anti-oxidant level in our body cells.

The fight to a healthy you depends on choices you make each day, worries you occupy your important time with, foods you put in to your bodies and the avoidance of inflammatory toxins around us.

Connie Dello Buono, health and finance coach