Do and Act what is entrusted to you to complete a task. There is power when you act.

Complain not for each one of us is given a choice to live and work as we wanted. At times, it takes time to reach our goals but each completed success lists each day is a step away to getting the one that you wanted, your dreams.  Freedom comes with a responsibility and a sense of fulfillment. Time is our tool, use it well. Surround yourself with the right people who will help you reach your goal.

It is easy to say we want to be successful but the path is not easy, as we have to grow and learn from our mistakes.

Many stories abound. Many years ago migrant farmers toiled the US soil to find success. Their great grandchildren found it through education.

Many worked 4 jobs while studying, they found success years later.

Many started as a working student at age 19 and found what they like to do best and succeeded before they turn 25.

Life is colorful and full of bliss for those who work for others or for themselves. The business man has to put more than 15 hours to care for his business.

The workers has only 8 hours to labor and get the other hours free to choose what they love to do the most.

Create your own success, we are given a free will as humans.

Live well.