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comparison tax tas deferred tax free savings
Tax Deffered versus Tax-free (tax free wins by over $300k)

With the availability of information in the internet, it has become our library and calculator for all kinds of financial planning that will help us make better financial decisions. I paid 15% in taxes when I saved all my savings in an IRA thru a bank many years ago.

Diversify and diversify should be our slogan. An engineer has to research for a year on how to best afford to buy a house in Silicon Valley where he works. He decided after many calculations to buy a house in N Arizona and settle there with his 2 young children and stay at home wife. He now commutes by plane once a week to the bay area and sleeps 3 nights in the bay area to work in Redwood City because he now owns a house in Arizona where he believes the house are better priced and the community and schools are up to his standards, although his wife is also a teacher.

I have been blessed to choose to raise my children in the bay area and live in an affordable modular home and community. My children went to a public Montesorri elementary school, music magnet middle school and high school ties to a vocational school. My son who is now 19 works as a computer technician while pursuing a computer engineer degree at De Anza College and San Jose State U while my daughter became an artist at age 15 and taught violin to elementary students.

We choose a community that we believe is best for our children and where we can still be with friends and doing what we love to do like dancing, playing in the ocean of Santa Cruz beach or just berry picking.

Below is a link of many financial calculators that can help you make a good buying or saving decision.


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