Finland, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland have 3-4 doctors for every 1000 people while Philippines, Hongkong and other countries have 0.

This means that medical care is not present to some citizens of the world.  I can speak for countries such as USA, Australia, Philippines and Taiwan since I have lived in these countries in the past and still have families. In Taiwan, there is no waiting line to be seen by an emergency medical doctor. In the Philippines, it takes a day of waiting in the emergency hospital before a doctor can attend to you.

Like Cuba, in the Philippines the public hospitals are free but at times you have to pay for your own blood, medicines and other care not present in the free hospital. So in countries like these two, we only see the doctor during emergencies. There is also the absence or limited number of clinics with free condoms for the young or education for reproductive health and family planning in the Philippines.

With the OBAMACARE program in the USA, the number of prescriptions for pain medication and HIV care doubled. Healthy citizens did not flock to get OBAMACARE, only those who were not so healthy who did not have insurance or have expensive health insurance in the past.

In Australia, the government provide health benefits and subsidies to families with 2 or more children.

So please email me any feedback or observations that you might have in your country with regards to health care. Are you happy about it, what do you think should change and what can the government do in the area of health care? Email Connie at


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