Free trip to Europe in 2015, a $15,000 luxury value trip for two with cash and lux

All the travel and luxury, for only referring 9 high net income clients to Connie and they will be guided to save at least $900 per month towards a lifetime tax-free retirement income with no market risks for them and their families. And most of all, access to funds up to $1.5M when cancer, stroke or disability occurs. Just believe and be out of your comfort zone.

Build wealth without taking unnecessary risk to create a risk-free financial lifestyle. Call 408-854-1883 for a zero market risk retirement savings strategy using an IUL or combo with indexed annuities or email connie at

Leverage people, time and technology to simply focus on what matters most in helping others succeed with personal touch, communication and personal service.

Execute your goals with massive action and faith. Faith in the system, product and team. Create a trust within your internal and external customers. Confidence in the backbone of success, derived from learning from the best. Move away from comfort zone to a magic zone, where tax-free retirement is possible and earning with no glass ceiling is the norm as you own your own retirement planning agency with team support. Commit to systematically save each month, tucked away and automated via an ETF (electronic fund transfer). I do not go shopping in the mall, when I do I only bring enough money to avoid overspending.

The Paradigm Shift is a way to remind us to go to that magic zone away from our comfort zone to find the financial fulfillment we have been searching for.

The Pike Syndrome teaches us not to give up our dreams (Do you not stop dreaming until the end to reach your goal). It tells us this lesson:  An aggressive fish who stopped reaching their goals or dreams because they think it is not reachable. When brought inside a place where the food is blocked by a glass and for 20 or so attempts to reach their food, they stopped and died. Even when their food is just touching them as the glass that blocked their food is released.

Real wealth is not measured by the amount but how long it will last. A lifetime tax-free retirement income exists. Call 408-854-1883

Where people flow, be a cash flow. Be a switch that you can just turn ON.  It’s time to turn up the heat. Be the thermostat.

Do not extinguish the fire in your belly, to not stop the need in you to fulfill your dreams no matter what. There must be a burning desire in you to create a job, with unlimited income for the rest of your life. No stopping, even when obstacles come your way.

Simplify your focus. Be a team player. Build relationships, be a giver and you can receive unlimited referrals. Do not let money fulfill your hunger. Help others, and you will reap the reward and the challenge to fulfill your dream to see others reach lifetime retirement income.

Join me if you are a people savvy person. No capital or experience required. Get 475 tax deductions as a business owner.  Make calls per day. Three appointments a week.  You will have a field trainer to work with you for a lifetime for your own business where profit sharing is a norm and monthly bonus is also a norm and you get a raise each time you make a sale and get a referral. Maintain the momentum until you get your free trip to Europe in 2015 for free (a $15k value for two).

The four quadrants where people are in their stage of work and life accomplishments:

The first quadrant, where our parents taught us to be an employee, E.

The second, where we bought our job as self-employed, S.

The third, as business owners. Business runs without them, money comes to them. Join me so you can set up a Schedule C, business for yourself, most of your expenses are tax deductions (475 tax write offs).

The last quadrant, where we become savvy Investors, I. We make money work for us. Money doubles every 9 yrs or less based on rule of 72.

Adjust in life to get a source of income. You need a vehicle to carry your financial weight.  Good example of best tax write offs: realtors and insurance agents.

Change the vehicle where you are at. Is that vehicle taking you where you want to go? Accomplishing your goals instead of 20 yrs, do it in 5yrs.

Be a business owner and let money work for you. I have a vehicle for you. Call Connie Dello Buono, CA Life Lic 0G60621 , 408-854-1883

Success is the choices you make along the way, I found what I am looking for. Let me share it with you. Be open for knowledge and truth.

Don’t expect different results by doing the same thing 8am to 5pm.

Reset what you are doing now to thrive to the new economy and prepare for your lifetime tax-free retirement.

Follow the rule of 100 in investing. Start with 100 and subtract your age.The difference is the percent you should have at risk in your portfolio. This rule will help you keep in financial balance.

Balanced diet, balanced financial risk exposure and strength.


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