How Much Do You Know About Retirement? take the test

These questions refer directly to the fifteen factors of retirement success and great variability exists from person to person. Knowledge about retirement is often skimpy and many times imprecise. This questionnaire may raise your awareness of areas you need to pay special attention to in your retirement planning

Directions: Decide whether you believe the statements below are more true or more false.
Mark the false statements with an F, and the true statements with a T.


_____ 1. Most workers slow down and become less productive the closer they get to retirement.
_____ 2. Generally the closer people get to their retirement the more apt they are to resist it.
_____ 3. People who direct their lives themselves do better in retirement than those who let others make their decisions for them.
_____ 4. People who are healthy when they retire generally continue in good health well into their retirement years.
_____ 5. The average income of retirees has declined in the last decade due to high rates of inflation.
_____ 6. If you’re happy now before you retire, chances are you’ll be happy when you do retire.
_____ 7. About half the people in retirement report being chronically depressed, lonely, and/or sad.
_____ 8. Men find a more difficult emotional adjustment into retirement than do women.
_____ 9. The most personally satisfied retirees are those who have hobbies, activities, “causes”, or active leisure pursuits.
_____ 10. People who are opinionated and somewhat rigid in their thinking do better in retirement because they know what they want.
_____ 11. People who reminisce a lot tend not to do well in retirement.
_____ 12. When a person has others who are dependent upon him/her either financially or emotionally, they tend to retire earlier rather than later.
_____ 13. A happy marriage/special relationship equals a successful retirement.
_____ 14. Most people retire because they feel themselves getting old.
_____ 15. One of the best ways to genuinely enjoy your retirement is to find suitable replacements for what your job formerly gave you in the way of satisfactions.


1) F 2) F 3) T 4) T
5) F 6) T 7) F 8) F
9) T 10) F 11) F 12) F
13) T 14) F 15) T

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