Neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza, and father of three, marries science with spirituality (universal intelligence) in this presentation on Raising Inspired Children. “I want my kids to understand that the way they think, and the way they feel influences every single atom in their life. I want them to know that their thoughts create their life,” he says.

Dr Joe discusses brainwave patterns, the power of story telling, impact of technology, the art of manifestation and how to teach your child how to make self-loving decisions in his or her life.

Part 1: Dr Joe talks about the different brain development stages (0-6 subconscious, 7-12 imagination, 13 onwards = outer world reality) and how to leverage these states for best life development. He shares why first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening are powerful parenting periods; how to install neurological hardware in your kids brains to best deal with challenges before they happen; why story telling is a parents best friend.

Part 2: Dr Joe talks about the impact of technology on your children’s brains; why he made a deal with each of his children to have at least one passion that involves nature; how he taught his children to make life decisions that are self loving and self serving.