Need a used Hybrid car in the bay area

I have been driving for at least 50 miles per day serving families with tax free retirement.  I am looking for a hybrid car to save on gas ( > $4/gal) expense and my Nissan has around 209k in total mileage.  My 20 yr old who is a working student will then use my old Altima although he is not looking forward to driving and being politically correct, he wants to save the planet from pollution of all sorts.

Commuting in the car pool lane helps. I love the feel of Nissan leaf with its style and comfort but I am afraid I will get stranded in the dessert and run out of battery, which takes many hours to charge. I like the Hyundai Sonata for overall use, efficiency and comfort.

I am looking for a used hybrid if anyone can point me to one. Better yet if you want to donate it to either of my two non-profits: Motherhealth Inc and Green Research Institute, I would appreciate it a lot as I help seniors in the bay area access to affordable caregiving and care and education in areas of health and the environment.

We live in a village, wish we can just share resources and not buy more than two houses or cars. I support 12 teens in college as I experienced the same fate when I was a working student and was many times needing financial aid.

I believe in the feeling of giving that brings good health and karma. At the end, we all must live a significant life.


Connie Dello Buono


1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124

PS. Your referral to those who needs a tax free retirement income for life with no market risks and access to funds up to $1.5M when cancer,stroke or disability occur is much appreciated.

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