how the rich saved their money wisely and the smart middle class retiring with sufficient nest egg

Saving money ($5k per year) from the time that the baby is one year old can make the baby a Million dollar baby.

Procrastination will not help us save for retirement.

Most people are in debts because they focus on their debts that they have no money left to keep and save.

Did you know that bank money are not really savings because your money is always accessible to buy and spend and so you end up with no savings?

Save a minimum of 15%, live on less than 85%.   Do not buy a house that you cannot afford. This is what your mother will tell you. You can live with your parents until such time that you have enough savings. That would be at 30 yrs of age if you start saving at 20 since your money doubles every 9 yrs at 8% return.

Do not impress people who you do not like but impress your mother or father first by saving and be wise with your money.

The key is you still have to set aside money in the long term. Less waste accumulating in your garage but more on living life within your means.

Make your mother happy by showing her that you have the discipline to save for rainy days.

Ideal financial plan

  1. Save 5%, Emergency: 0% return, no commitment, 3months of funds toward emergency funds
  2. Save 5%, Mid range 3-4% return;  necessities like car and house
  3. Save 10%, Long term: 5-10% return  toward your retirement years so that you do not have to get another job during old age

Do not pay your debts first but pay yourself first by saving money safe/guaranteed and have a good rate of return.

You only have 10 yrs before retirement and you are still thinking about saving in the future but not now. Why wait, you have been working for a long time and you have to pay yourself first.

Save now with automatic pay before retirement threats happen and without you feeling it, your nest egg could grow to a lifetime retirement income of $65k per year for the next 30 yrs of your life.

Borrow money to invest in your savings plan that grows up to 13%.  No excuses in paying yourself first by saving now. A high mortgage or house you cannot afford and a car payment you cannot afford make it difficult to retire with enough money and not go back to a McJob.

When will you start saving, you are in debt paying all the negative debts and already borrowing money.

Let’s start focusing on the positive asset, a savings plan that is growing at least 8% and not the 21% credit card bills.

We are always consuming, but we can control it by saving now automatically from your bank to your investment savings plan at 8-13%. Forced savings is the only way to get yourself in a retirement plan that can pay you a lifetime tax free retirement income with no market risk.

Call Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883

Do you want to work at Mcjobs when you are 65 yrs of age? Working at mMjobs is the last work experience for most of those who did not plan saving for retirement.

You can start anywhere from $100 to $1000 per month or more and not be like some of the movie stars or lottery winners who lost their millions. You can even save in one lump sum and wait every 9 yrs to see your money doubles with a rate of return of at least 8%.

Through an invest-o-matic program, many families whom we have helped have forced savings that they can depend for a lifetime , tax free and no market risk. Keep all your money, unlike the 401k which is taxed at least 50%.  You may see more of how this product works on Monday at Oyster Point South San Francisco at 5pm. Contact Connie Dello Buono, CA Life Lic 0G60621 at 408-854-1883 .

Are you willing to work for another 20 years of your life because of the risks you took in the market with stocks, 401K and other risky investments that we call gambling?

A hedge in inflation must have a return of 5% or more so you have money left when you retire.

Is your bank safe? Where do you think the word bankrupt came from? Did you know that over 10,000 banks have shut down in the last 10 years?

FDIC means Federal Depository Insurance Company where the guarantee is based on the federal reserves. 20 years ago their reserves are 12 cents to every dollar.  For every $100, the reserve drops to $1.20.

LRL is the Legal Reserve Loss. For every dollar you invest the insurance company must have a dollar in reserve.  All life insurance companies are legally regulated to have sufficient reserve.

The insurance company that I represent has a reserve of $3.67 for every $1 of your money (savings and growth).

For every obligation we get into comes responsibilities.

What if you have a heart attack the next day?

You will always get a job, and replace it but your life cannot be replaced.

If you don’t do anything different do you expect your life in to the future to change any different?

How would you like to have more vacation days, a lifestyle that is debt free with no money problem. Isn’t that what most people dream of?

Join us on May 17 at the Embassy Suites in Walnut Creek if you are interested to have no excuses to earn the income you deserve. 408-854-1883 for your free tickets as guest. And learn how the rich saved their money wisely and the smart middle class retiring with sufficient nest egg than those who have earned a high net income. Learn how the young generation have prepared for their retirement income for a lifetime that is tax-free and with zero market risk.


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