Are you really covered with a health plan or Medicaid that will pay you and not just your hospital care?

At present time, only Medical covers 55% of long term care costs. But can you qualify for Medical? It is not simple and easy. Most people get denied because their income and assets exceed the allowed guidelines.

To qualify for Medical you must spend down your assets or reposition your countable assets such as CDs, money market and other tangible assets into exempt or allowed assets. We can reposition these countable assets to qualify you to Medical eligibility.

Can you afford $8000 or more per month of Long term care (LTC) cost as the nation’s average? Nursing homes cost around $5000 per month, in home caregiving around $7000 and per hour caregiving at $20 per hr.

We have an all in one product with full living benefits, asset protection and retirement savings plan that pays from $100k to $1.5M during health crisis.

Do you know that at age 65, 1 in 2 will need long term care?

We have a solution for you to get full living health benefits, money in your pocket when you needed it the most for such health threats as cancer, stroke or disability.

We can help you reposition your countable assets to exempt assets since Medical welfare will check this before you can avail of any government health benefits.

At present time, Medical has 30 months look back period to inspect your countable assets and will soon be 5 years look back period.

We can reposition your countable assets to exempt assets through an immediate annuities and/or a IUL (with investments with no downside potential), with full living benefits up to $1.5M when health threats occur.

State employees who are covered by CALPERS (with LTC ) will have long term care premium increase up to 85% due to un-proportional ratio between liabilities and assets.

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