Don’t look for a job, create a job

Create your own paycheck. He who writes your check dictates your life.

Are you going to graduate in college soon or just recently lost your job?

We have a career or profession for you as a business owner.

You own your book of business and a team to help you grow it.

Learn how to make money work for you.

Let me show you the ticket to a lifetime retirement income.

Be semi-retired at a young age.

Whether the economy is good or bad, the financial service company is still strong.

Create your own economy.

Recession is if your neighbor is out of a job and depression is if you are out of a job.

A healthy lifestyle is still attainable.

Call Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883

Have a mind that do not reject opportunities.

Be not comfortable with what you have. There is no limit to those who knows what they are searching for.

Your search is over. Let us help one family at a time with tax free retirement, no market risk and grows up to 13%.

Do not wait till you are 65 to learn how your money can double every 9 yrs.

Do not go back to a Mcjob, you are worth more than that.

We have trainers and business owners who will share their success tips to you.

Giving you the blueprint to tried and true success.

Just learn and do.

Do not rely on a job but allow the freedom to choose your hours and paycheck be your goal.

Where unlimited advancement or promotion is a norm. A bonus each time you help a family in tax free retirement savings plan.

The American dream is still alive.

Do not depend on your 401k, this is around 50% taxed and that it participates in the downside potential of the market.

We help you protect your gains and principal, no money gambling.

And access to funds up to $1.5M when cancer, stroke or disability occurs.

This is our crusade to help you having a business you can share to others.

With no capital or experience. Only your thirst for success and helping others do the same.

Accept the challenge, be never broke or in a journey to being broke.

Stop digging a hole to loses or working more than two jobs and still not financially free.

Start saving money for yourself so others can follow you.

Join our crusade of bringing prosperity back to every household in America.

The bank CD lets you double your money every 72 yrs, while we help you double your money every 9 to 12 years.

We build a turnkey financial franchise business and we are looking for builders like you.

You can start part time as referral agent. If you are a CPA, tax preparer, estate lawyer, insurance agent, realtor, business owner, student, housewife, retired or just employed at a work that you are not happy with, we can help you with earning the income you deserve.

Let us help move liabilities into assets and reallocate old money to create new benefits and savings.

And plan for a tax-free retirement savings or pension. Investments with no risks, tax free savings and insurance you do not have to die to use.

Take control of your life. Become your own boss. Get paid what you are worth. Build financial independence for you and your family.

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Health educator, author and enterpreneur or ; cell 408-854-1883 Helping families in the bay area by providing compassionate and live-in caregivers for homebound bay area seniors. Blogs at Currently writing a self help and self cure ebook to help transform others in their journey to wellness, Healing within, transform inside and out. This is a compilation of topics Connie answered at and posts in this site.

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