What is full living benefits or accelerated benefits riders? How I help those with cancer,stroke or disability in their finances

Terminal and critical illness rider free (no added cost). Only one in few financial service companies who offers access to funds (not from the cash value) when cancer, stroke or disability occurs.

Your conventional health insurance, missed the most important issue..YOU.

When you are sick, the coverage is paid to the health institution and not YOU, in your pocket.

This brings about a false sense of security since the conventional health coverage covers only doctors, pharmacies and hospitals.

During health threats, you may lose your income and ability to make money. With full living benefits, you receive a sizeable amount into your bank account while you are still alive, you receive these living benefits and not from your death benefit.

Full living benefits with NLG/LSW means that there are less limitations such as coverage for terminal only for advance cancer. You receive from $100k to $1.5M depending on the face value of your IUL policy whether you have stage 1, 2 or invasive cancer.

Peace of mind in knowing that should health threats occur, you are adequately supported financially as you receive these benefit rider which is your health protection in addition your current health insurance.

When you are stressed while being sick, financially broke, your immune system is in jeopardy exposing you to variety of outside health threats. Only one percent of the nation’s population is insured with living benefits and entitled to received their living benefits either in monthly payment or lump sum of money which actually contributed to the faster health recovery and improved quality of life.

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