My past does not have to equal my future unless I choose to live there.

Reasons for not playing a 9-10 in our business are due to lack of:
drive, discipline, planning, priorities, poor time management, fear of failure, procrastination, lack of commitment and focus – 100%, not doing the success list/activities and follow up.

Is it true that you are also not playing 9-10 in other areas of your life? Does your income affect your relationship?

What is the difference that makes the person shift his mind and make a total shift in his life experience?

Strategy , Activity and Mindset

Strategy: Where are you going in your direction?

Activity: Are you doing your success list?

Mindset: Your ability to take action, certainty, preparedness and with laser focus determine your success.

BS , your belief system, determines your thoughts and influence your decisions, your decisions determine your actions or lack of actions and your action determine your results.

BS is a feeling of absolute certainty.

1. Limiting Belief: Takes you nowhere to your goal. When it grows, doubts grow. You tap less of your potential, less actions and less results. This cycle becomes a failure cycle.

2. Empowering Belief: Take massive action. Your positive success cycle is a result of empowering belief , no fear in meeting your goals each day.

Belief -> Potential – > Action – > Results = $150k by Dec 2014 (since majority is earning this in my agency)

Be resourceful by removing any limiting beliefs in your system. You are not dictated by the outside world.

We are going to succeed if we do not let limiting beliefs grow in our system.

A R E: Action, reward and easy …This leads to referrals.

My past does not have to equal my future unless I choose to live there.  Make a paradigm shift, join me in a career/business for yourself helping others with tax free retirement with full living benefits 408-854-1883 Connie Dello Buono

What life will truly be like if I destroy all my limiting beliefs? I will create a life I truly enjoy if I do this. I can retire early in 10 years instead of 20 years. Never again will I be financially broke, never again I will labor and trade time for money, never again I will be lacking in activities that is productive and helpful to everyone around me (creating memories and financial independence).

What we focus on, our internal language and belief system determine our success removing all these limiting beliefs.

What is your best investment in this kind of economy? YOURSELF, let me help you not lose any more money from your investment, get full living/health benefits and a lifetime tax free retirement income (using up your life insurance and cash accumulation to provide income until you are 119 yrs old).

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