Cancer , stroke or disability? Funds in your pocket from $100k to $1.5M, illness riders at no cost

living_benefits funds in your pocket during health threats –┬ásimilar to LTCImage


California is in the process of updating critical illness riders issued by all insurance companies. We will keep you posted of any changes.

My father died of lung cancer. Some of us are taking care of our parents with Alzheimer’s disease , Parkinson’s and other illness. Would it be a life saver to have living benefits, access to funds during health threats in our IUL policies?

Investment, life protection and health protection. Our current health insurance pays for our medical bills but not US, who lost an income, properties and other finances to keep up with medical bills many years later. Some of those who receive living benefits, cash in their pocket survived cancer and is happy that they have $100k -$1.5M during their illness, which perhaps why they got well sooner from feeling no financial burden.

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