To create the list of America’s Top Cities for Access to Health Care, Vitals analyzed the number of hospitals and primary care physicians available in each city on a per-capita basis. Patient-reported metrics such as doctor quality, ease of getting an appointment and wait times at appointments were also calculated into the final rankings.

The top ten cities in order:

1        Cleveland

2        Minneapolis

3        Milwaukee

4        Kansas City

5        Boston

6        Omaha

7        Denver

7        Miami (tie)

9        Atlanta

10      Nashville

11      Seattle,WA

12      Dallas,TX

13      Austin,TX

13      Baltimore,MD

15      Portland,OR

16      Charlotte,NC

16      (tie)Indianapolis,IN

16      (tie)Raleigh,NC

19      Sacramento,CA

20      Houston,TX

21      Columbus,OH

22      Jacksonville,FL

23      Philadelphia,PA

24      Long Beach,CA

25      San Diego,CA

26      Oakland,CA

27      Fort Worth,TX

28      Albuquerque,NM

29      Louisville,KY

29      Washington,DC

31      Detroit,MI

31      (tie)Tulsa,OK

33      Memphis,TN

34      San Francisco,CA

35      Wichita,KS

36      Chicago,IL

37      San Antonio,TX

38      New York,NY

38      (tie)Phoenix,AZ

40      Oklahoma City,OK

41      Tucson,AZ

42      Colorado Springs,CO

43      Mesa,AZ

44      Virginia Beach,VA

45      Las Vegas,NV

46      Los Angeles,CA

47      Arlington,TX

48      San Jose,CA

49      Fresno,CA

50      El Paso,TX

Comments:  How we help our communities thrive is very important. From housing, schools to jobs, all these factors affect health. I talked to a family of 5, with four working adults with minimum wage in San Jose who is renting a two-bedroom apartment for $1800 per month. Giving away half of their income to housing is very sad. The parents have high blood pressure and high stress level.  But they have to bear this housing crisis and expense in order to help support their children who are going to college as working students.