Working parents with young children, how did you do it?

Sacrifices,tears,time management,letting go of your career growth

As I listen to mothers and fathers today with children, I can see their sleepy eyes and tired bodies.

They asked me how I managed it during those times that my children were young.

I said it was financially difficult to stay home. I tag team with my partner then to babysit and not hire a babysitter for quality of care and costs reasons.

Many working parents in the bay area have no choice because of the cost of housing.

Both must work even when the children were sick, they have to give the meds and drop them off to day care or babysitter.

My salute to all parents with young children in the bay area.

For the hard work, sleepless nights and going through all the sacrifices to work and care for their young ones.

Only your hands and care can mean so much to the children.

Their young bodies and brains will thank you for a lifetime.

Happy Father’s day this Sunday.

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