when to start receiving social security benefits from

My 65 yr old client who owns a beauty salon and lost $500k in the stock market is deciding whether to start receiving her social security benefits now or wait for two years. She then decided to wait for two years given her health condition and wanted to earn more and receive a much higher benefit by waiting.

She sacrificed working many hours to recoup what she lost in the stock market. Many bay area residents lost money in their homes and their 401k and so could not retire early. A lesson that all our young generation should take heed. Invest in market risk free retirement-savings plan.

My own suggestion is to start receiving social security at age 64 instead of age 67. You get more if you total the three years of social security benefits starting age 64 that you will receive before age 67. Enjoy life. Money will come to those who put action into their desires.

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