Major Money Mistakes Couples Make 

Using home equity to add a swimming pool. And then the husband died without life insurance and retirement plan. And now the house is foreclosed and the wife is waiting to be evicted by the bank.

Mom stayed at home for three years to take care of two young children and hubby is only making minimum wage, both filed for bankruptcy and divorce.

Wife used home equity to fund overseas business that failed. Luckily hubby gained $2M from sale of a tech start-up. But, now they both invested heavily in real estate that is not positive cash flow and hubby is out of work but getting money from Marijuana retail store he partnered with another business man. Other house that costs them $1.2M is negative by $6k per month on property taxes and mortgage and is for sale.

Renting a $3k house in the bay area and paying $1500 for two car leases while also paying for other bills, unplanned vacation and others, left this couple with no savings even when their gross is more than $350k per year.

Couple bought an expensive house in bay area and renovated big time, filed for divorce and each one is renting a property for $3k a month rent. There is no college fund for their two children.

A single dad had a major stroke and became broke as medical bills pile up even when he has medical insurance from work. Went back to work to pay more bills. There is no long term care insurance and an IUL with terminal, critical and chronic riders.

Husband died with no life insurance and both couple owns a care home business for developmentally disabled teens. They lost a $1M house before their business and now renting three of the 6 homes for their business. She became my client to protect her business, her two children and have money in her pocket should cancer, stroke or disability occurs while she still lives.

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Let’s pay ourselves first, invest risk free, protect our assets and life and leave an estate to our children with a stroke of a pen. Call Connie Dello Buono CA Life Lic 0G60621 at 408-854-1883


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