You are married to a vegan and triathalon and you are the opposite

How did you make it work? He is vegan and you love pork. Over the 12 years of being married to a vegan, I became semi vegan who consumes more veggies than meaat. Some couples who are opposites in religion, have one converted after 6 months or years. My friend’s hubby is an Ironman and she loves to only take a walk and sleep most of the times. Now the hubby became a homebody like her, due to old age perhaps.

Couples doing the same types of activities last longer and live happier lives. Spending more time with each other and also allowing each individual unique qualities help in making marriage last a little longer.

Those who have stayed together despite not spending time in daily exercise type of activities or eating the same type of foods do so for other reasons like raising children, in same faith and deep love and respect of each other. But because they love each other, one partner also converted to the same food and healthy habits and even faith.

As my elders would advice me, being in the same faith is like a string that will always bring you back together for you both believe in the same thing and so a solid base of relationship will live for a lifetime.

Love can move mountains and help transform someone to be vegan, be an athlete, love for ballroom dancing and do all things that their partner is passionate about.

What do you think of opposites? Will it last even when their food types and sports are the opposites? What did you do? Please email .

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