How to best tap your savings during retirement

What formula works best? Should you include annuities in the mix?  Yes annuities should be included in the mix since some annuities with NLG/LSW has a total return after ten years of 9% with guaranteed of 2.5% depending on company quarterly data.

If most people are comfortable putting money in savings accounts where they get less than 1% Taxable, they will get much better advantage getting S&P500 rate that is Tax Deferred!

And as we age, we wanted no market risk, tax-free, long term investment and also a savings plan that we can tap into during emergency and for any health threats such as cancer, stroke or disability using the Index Universal Life policy with full living benefits (terminal, critical, chronic illness riders added at no cost with NLG/LSW).

Still some of us would love real estate, stocks, bonds, and other ways of investments.

We can diversify and allocate our assets in a way that returns are higher, safe, tax free or deferred, allocated into exempt assets to be qualified for MediCal and be protected under residence trusts.

We should use our money with low returns first such as the CD or better yet reallocate this idle money, money with low returns to indexed annuities or index UL with returns from 8-13%. Contact Connie.

Call Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883 CA Life Lic 0G60621 to reallocate idle money and have a higher return for your lifetime tax free retirement savings/income.

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