Know your outcome and plan a strategy, clarity is power.

Know your reasons, why this is a must. Take massive action. Attach your nervous system to the outcome.

You can create coincidences. Be prepared to reap the opportunity presented in front of you.

Know what you are getting, review your results and change your approach.

Perception, take on events, use your physiology, rapport is key, win people and learn the skills of connecting with other people.

Rapport is helping people to align with you.

Strategy is the way of producing the same result.

Go after what you want since the world is there waiting to give you what you want if you do all of the above.

You are not necessarily the right person to tell others of your experience.

Do not sabotage your success. Do what you learned and learn from your mistakes and repetition. Mastery starts with repetition. Use tools to condition my mind and emotion.

” Know your outcome and plan a strategy.” Tony  Robbins

Conditioning is an on-going process to reach your goals and succeed.

Spend few hours each day to take steps to do your success list.

Create lasting change by using the following beliefs:

  1. This must change when NOW.
  2. I MUST change it NOW.
  3. I CAN change NOW. Look forward, focus on your success and not your failures. The past does not equal future, unless you live there. Everything in your lives is shaped by your beliefs.

A belief is something that

Process or steps to create lasting change:

  1. Get leverage. Use a tool to move something really big. Human psyche needs a leverage where change is a total person. Get the person to associate or be certain or have a belief that failing to change NOW , equals massive immediate and unbearable levels of PAIN. Change is never a matter of ability, it is matter of motivation. At times you escape the present moment by feeling a small moment of success in the past. Get enough leverage by PAIN and Pleasure. Changing now equals extraordinary, massive, and immediate levels of PLEASURE.
  2. Interrupt or annihilate the limiting pattern with or without your knowledge
  3. Create a new and empowering pattern and reinforce it and must be done consciously until it is out.

Create momentum. As the rolling mass moving downhill gathers more and becomes bigger. When pain goes away, we forgot to create momentum

Human momentum is emotion.

How to create changes within yourself:

Forward motion with emotion.

There is no traffic on the extra mile. And your effort for your business during the early years will pay you for the rest of your life.

5 steps for creating momentum

  1. Put yourself on your peak state. Focus and use your body. Words can change your biochemical makeup. Pat yourself on the back. Praise moves mountain. Find passion in things you like, ___, your business, your mothering, ___you want, ___appreciate, emotionally attached to ___
  2. Decide, commit and resolve. It is in the moments of our decisions that destiny is shaped. Resolved to commit to decisions that you make, for this will shape your future.
  3. Take consistent, immediate and massive action using a proven model. Plan your business as if your life depends on it and your kids future.
  4. Be smart, honest about yourself, measure your results and reinforce your tasks by praising yourself. PRIZE

Transform yourself by being dirt honest with yourself.  Rate yourself in the following areas of your life:

Physical: 7

I need to lose 20 lbs and need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I need to have an excellent metabolism to be a role model to others. I need to walk my talk in my site at

Emotions and Meaning: 8-9

I need to be in control of my life and push myself to extraordinary life and not settle for less. I should lead in my business and use emotion to my advantage. I need to show happiness and balance energy to others.

Relationships: 7

I need to find a soul mate and not settle for less. I need a committed, happy , positive and mutually beneficial relationship. Social networking is not part of the real relationships that is deep and in touch with our soul and heart. Do you have a lover only and not a committed relationship. Are you madly in love? If not, this area in your life needs a change for a deeper relationship is the real happiness.

Time: 7

Busy for nothing? How many of us plan out our day, and by the time end of day comes, we are way behind our widly important goal for the day. How do you feel about time?  If you feel that 10 min is like an hour, then you are not in a happy place of work. Find a work where time goes by so quickly when you are having fun. Agonizing times? What is time? Time is an emotion , how you feel or experience the moment. Get happy now to get time move faster. If you rate lower in this area, you are not in a happy place. Time should make you feel relax.

Work, career or mission: 9 (business) 5 (corporate job)

Are you adding value to yourself and the people around you? If you call what you do your mission, you show your enthusiasm about it.

Finances: 5-10 (started a business, depending on number of clients served)

Celebrate/contribute: 8-9 (faith, giving)

Do  you live your life doing a happy dance a lot? Are you connected to your creator


What are the three most important actions you are committed to taking?

Incantation:  Let heavens know that I offer this life menu to change my life to live an outstanding life here on earth in service of others.

What robs the conflict to finding success or happiness is a sad story that is negative and not empowering.

Work yourself on changing YOU. Do not mind others of being worried.

You do not need to change because change TODAY is automatic.

Change is automatic, progress is NOT. We want breakthrough PROGRESS.

Creating real explosive Progress means knowing the GAP in areas of your LIFE.

We do not want to own the old pattern but celebrate what you are BEST at.

We want to round out all areas of our life to be less bumpy.

Unlock and unleash strategies.

Get results by starting with people who leave CLUES to their success and I can add and enhance what I need to do.

Model others, enhance their strategies by adding OURS.

Beliefs in our head, intellectually are not good but emotionally helps us.


You connected things and do it automatically, is the power of creation.

Obsessive focus, hunger, drive, passion that you desire something so much, you become energy RICH. Solutions and things come to YOU.

With focus energy, you do massive action. If it does not work, CHANGE your action to get your RESULTS.

MASSIVE action is a cure all until you get with EFFECTIVE EXECUTION.

If you are completely focus, with massive EFFECTIVE action you get GRACE. Especially if you acknowledge GRACE where your actions is for the greater good, you get MORE power, the more EXPERIENCE.

Strategies from the best, from the best mentor, best support, best role model, the best map not an OUTDATED map. From a support or role model, who walk the talk.



Immersion coaching, total immersion learning

Immerse yourself in whatever you want to master. You can PREDICT your experience, you have immersed your body and emotion to Positive Action and Results. Growth comes from energy RICH.

Psychological FITNESS, or the game of LIFE, is where things happen but you leverage all things to a positive RESULT.

Putting yourself back in a STATE of happiness brings RESULTS and you are in GRACE and acknowledge the grace that supports your ENERGY RICH.

Priming life by being HAPPY about LIFE, not only show up but use daily disciplines to put yourself back in STATE.

Build a mini version of HAPPY STATE

Priming is feeding your mind every day.

Live a PRIME TIME LIFE with 10min a day to be in HAPPY STATE.

In this state , you connect with yourself to make yourself in HAPPY state. This 10 min will put you back in the CENTER of your LIFE.

The TALENT CODE, analyze the best families in the world due to disciplines and daily deep practice. In this STATE, you build brain connections, stronger MYELIN sheaths connecting brain neurons.

Be hungry to achieve results, daily habits or practice, you wired yourself daily by priming yourself for gratitude.

JOY and SUCCESS should go together for EXTRA ordinary life. You WIN in all areas of your life, to have a smooth ride in life, not bumpy.

In a state of grace, you become happy and rich.

A coach or mentor or friend who will hold you accountable. This person must be in higher level than you are.

Quality of your life is a direct relation with the expectation of your PEER  group.

Energy poor when lover does not communicate daily. Use of negative language is a low energy. The sound of train movements and beeps, produces negative energy.

Humor or energy rich is playing tennis and laughing. You feel good when you achieve something.

Celebrate when the sound of negative train or beep comes along…

Change your perception, change the negative sound of train to a celebration.

What rewires our life is ___

Time is strategy.

Take care of story that STOPS you.

Strategy is getting results every TIME.

Emotional strategy is the core of it all. Take care of this source. What is the emotion that I need to get the job done? Build energy rich with sense of certainty, full determination, full of passion,

Fasting is greater than on a diet in a cleansing diet strategy.

Uncover the strategies. Start with ingredients. Be decisive.

  1. Visual ingredients, take control, esp the littlest, keep negative thoughts on the back, far away from you. Move to the brightest light
  2. Kinesthetic: Hear: language, words, from someone important, right time; I believe in you, I Own myself, I am worth everything
  3. Auditory: Feeling, sensation, breath, sounds, move, taste, smell
  4. Gustatory
  5. Olfactory