Building Rapport with others, handling objections in sales and acting with certainty

Successful people build rapport with others by:

  • showing that they care about the person
  • asking exceptional questions
  • listening
  • finding commonality with others
  • using congruency from their body, actions, words in aligning how they convey their thoughts and ideas with conviction and certainty with others

Sometimes, we do most of the above without our knowledge. We do it because we care about others without asking anything in return. Successful sales people use all of the above. In handling objections or converting objections into commitments, they use the following strategies:

  1. ignore it (they may not mean it)
  2. hear them out (they may run out of steam)
  3. feed it back (nicely)
  4. question it (get more information, is it the real objection and why is it important)
  5. make a final objection (if yes to to Step 6, if no, slide to Step 3)
  6. align prospect provide a cushion (make them comfortable)
  7. turn the objection into a question (you cannot answer an objection, but you can answer a question)
  8. answer the question
  9. tie it down. test close
  10. assume the sale and congratulate the prospect on a wise decision


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