They understand what they can afford, want to plan for their future, and want financial freedom at an early age.

They know that paying 3% in admin fee to a mutual fund over 20 years will take away 60% from their accumulated money.

They pay themselves first each month using a tax free savings plan called Index Universal Life Policy (a supercharge Roth IRA) growing at 8-13%.

They align themselves with those who have successful financial strategies using index strategies.

They leverage many tools to control a big investment using small risk as possible.

They set a high standards for themselves.

They use time as strategy.

They buy properties when cap rate is 10 or higher based on NET income.

They buy and sell properties or business with an exit strategy.

They save more than 10% of their earnings towards their retirement savings starting at a young age of 25.

They protect their assets, income, savings, life using asset protection such as Index Universal Life policy and estate planning.

They live simply, not spending what they cannot afford if these investments will not add value to their bottom line.

They believe in an INCANTATION that they can create abundance with happiness and service to others.


If you want all of the above, let me help you with a no risk savings/retirement plan using an IUL. Call Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883 We are in 50 US states. CA Life Lic 0G60621. 1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124