Engage, enroll and compel to successful selling

A master persuader knows enough about his/her client.  Put yourself in PEAK state with good plan for the day, good or worse.
Know who you are calling to and be certain who you are talking to.

  1. Anticipate possible needs, wants,values or hurts that they have. Could you help me? Can you tell me about your neighbor? More rapport when you know more about the client, work with referrals. What do you like about this person? Share the compliment. Give them a reputation to live up to. Ask what in the product can benefit them?
  2. Make sure you know your own product, as many advantages and benefits. Find out key useful ideas to close the sale.
  3. Know your competition. Never knock the competition in front of the client.
  4. Know all potential objections. Be effective in your delivery. Believe in what you are talking about. Be in PEAK state.
  5. Expect the best and prepare for the worse.
  6. Create a demand.

When presenting to clients or prospects, maintain eye contact, connect and become their best friend and create interest.

Probe for problems and magnify their pain/hurt. What are the deepest needs or wants that we want to match with our prospect/client?

Did we get their interest to enroll them?

Effectively motivate by creating conviction by finding emotional reasons to buy and test close.

Are they ready to buy? If not, add conviction.

Compel means to make them feel compelled by making the preparation real, converting objections into commitment and make it easy for them to buy. Objections start the process of reciprocation.

Be a marketer, create a demand before getting in the situation.


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