Minimum death benefit maximum cash accumulation tax free, risk free

A secret for the affluent, a life insurance that is tax free, linked to inflation (stock market) and indexing investment strategy, participating only when the market is going up (Lock In and Reset).

Josh Jenkins-Robbins talks about maximum funded tax advantage life insurance contract using IRS code sections 72(e) 101 (a) 7702. I have this vehicle for your retirement fund, an equity Index Universal Life policy. Call Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883
Use this Index strategy , IUL, tax-free, market risk free to provide you with lifetime income benefit, a super charge Roth IRA. It is called super charge because of no contribution limit, with tax free access to money and a tax free transfer to your heirs. You are buying life policy for the growth and not for the life insurance. We have to fund this policy or contract in a five year period to be efficient as your money doubles every 9yrs if the return is at 8%.

It only take three market loses to wipe out your investment that 401k flops in this category.

Inflation and taxes can cut your assets/savings that is far better to be taxed on the seed and not the harvest. We pay our income taxes already, so the remaining should be saved under an IUL so that the harvest will be tax free.

The erosive effects of taxation greatly affects our savings. For high net income clients and middle class, there is a way to fund your retirement without being eaten by taxes.

A 10k pre-tax contribution in 401k  amounts to $50k in taxes (at 62% and $28k at 35%) after 30 years. Netting you only $30k in your pocket.

So avoid market losses at all costs, use an indexing investment strategy, tax free via an IUL, with participation up to 13% and 0% participation when the market is negative (current 25-yr weighted return is at 8%).  You can access 90% of your money, complete liquidity when you need it. An IUL never runs out: a Muni Bond runs out in 8yrs, a 401k/IRA runs out in 13 yrs, and a mutual fund runs out in 9 yrs.  If you are not so healthy, use a surrogate like your child or spouse.

Call Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883.



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