Associate not buying with PAIN and identify the wants of your customer and not your wants. Make the want a compelling one. If they don’t buy, it means PAIN.

Some people’s wants are also their needs. Persuasion is understanding customer’s wants. Motivate them by associating their most desired feeling or STATES to your product or service.

Some people are status oriented.

Some people buy for themselves and not to make others happy or serve others.

What motivated a person to buy?

Stir the wants of your customer. Think of the time that you really want something and you did not follow through because you could not justify logically.

We are always measuring our actions. Find their emotional reasons to BUY NOW.

Identify these emotional reasons, look for their WANT an their PAIN.

Identify the GIANT BOULDER.

What are their FEARS of buying? Financial hardship, other people’s judgement, not getting the right value, others?

We need to give them enough of their reasons to BUY, not your reasons or your love of the product and the needs that you see in the product.

Create more HURT, ask questions that you know based on their beliefs and values will kick them over the EDGE and decide to BUY based on the pain or the heaviness of the BOULDER.

Add another boulder, the logical reasons to BUY.

Please share your closing tips, that make your customer buy your service or products.