People create or join a business to earn money or change/pursue career. And then in the process, they create a community.

Network marketing is building a brand, finding people that are consumers.

A friend of somebody is a consumer first.

Everyone is a consumer first. Get the product to the customers.

Getting customers, products are universal.

We are capable of getting long term customers.

High end , with big decisions requires sales skills.

Everyday product does not require much sales skills.

You pick up a product, tried it and like it and becomes your brand.

Try a product, the user experience of the product determines if they become an ongoing customer.

Sales people’s job is to expose the product to customers, easy to do with hot market.

Ask for their help, I am in a new business, can you help me out and be my customer.

I need your story and feedback if you like my product after using it. If you do not like it you do not have to buy it the next month. 25% becomes ongoing customers. With referral, your business grows.

Get their fear out, get them to have a good experience with the product.

Fears should not be greater than their successes to succeed in the business of sales.

Not everybody is a doctor, or a network marketer but it is a great way with high value.

Here is what I like you to do to try my product and you do not have to do it if you don’t like to do it but I need your help, can I count on you?

The hot market is how you do it. Exposure to your hot market is important. Building a team allows you to grow your business big. You want to break even in your business as quickly as possible. Don’t have to be a great salesperson.

Create a story of success, sharing the personal success story builds a team in a simple way.


Can I ask you a favor? Would you like to try anyone of my products?

Thanks and please let me know your experience.

Connie Dello Buono

PS. Ask me how you can have these products for free by sharing it to others.