Happy Birthday my daughter Esther
You are now a full fledge woman at 18
In the Philippines, we introduce you to the world
I trust you but may not trust the world
But, I believe in you
In the way you give advice to your friends
You are far better than me in some ways
I am glad you came into my life
You are my number one wealth
I may have nothing in this world
But I have you, I am fullfilled
I will always forgive you and love you
The way you love me unconditionally
Now I am crying
And you have seen me cry for joy and sadness
that is why you succeed as an artist and
wanted to finish college
You wanted me to be happy
I am always proud of you, although I do not say it often enough
For I believe that action speaks louder than words
This is also your measure in finding a soul mate
A person who shows in action his enduring love for you
Although you do not want to shout it loud
To become a teacher is in your heart
I will always support you
For in freedom you become more creative
In love, you prosper and grow
You still have yet to see the Philippines
To be more motivated to succeed
And find meaning and gratitude in our life in the USA
to connect with someone
to walk our daughters on the beach
to held hands
to listen
Time is relative
Take your time to laugh and play
And do not be too serious in life
But live each day as if it were your last
Love always, love your brother and father
Wish you will add dancing in your schedule
Music and art are your passions
Dance to the music of your dreams
And see the beauty around you with your own eyes
3 min of dancing can be like 3hrs of dancing
5 min of listening to music seems to be like 5days
2 yrs with a bad relationship seems like 20 yrs..(just kidding)
time is how we spent it
just like money, how it works for us
time is like spice
it can spice our life, by savoring each moment
time is like anti aging herbs: pepper, turmeric, rosemary, garlic, ginger, oregano, nutmeg
it stops the bad air from flowing into us
it gives us life if we breath deeply, cleansing breath as we spend it
with good friends, family, loved ones and worthwhile endeavor
time is a measure of our fullness
it accumulates yes, but what matters is how we spent it
how we treasured each moment in time
is how we create happy memories
to last for a lifetime.
May God shower you with blessings
All the days of your life.
Connie Dello Buono
See you all this Sat , July 12, at cherylburkedance.com in Mt View at 5pm for celebration, dancing and socializing