Save your money and make your money work for you so that you can retire with sufficient retirement income where you gain the money you should be paying IRS based on your income tax bracket because of a tax-free investment-retirement plan based on indexing strategies.

The following are the comments in one yahoo news about what $1M can buy you houses in different parts of the world.

  • Comment 1: In CA, it’s the quality of the neighborhood that drives housing prices. In upper middle class neighborhoods, you’re paying far more for the land than for the house. In our ‘hood in Mountain View, people buy 50’s and 60’s basic houses on 1/6 acre of land for $1.6M to $1.8M, tear down the house, and build a McMansion.
  • Comment 2: In Palo Alto California, 1million is a down payment on a Eichler house built with plywood which the fire dept claims will burn to the ground in less than 15minutes. But then again, you don’t have to worry about being kidnapped for a large ransom, maybe losing some body parts as part of the deal…


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A lot of people have no money for vacation, because they exchange time for money.

In other words, it is not realistic for people to retire and they just die in their job.

Building the business part time, your ticket to never ever having a job or a boss.

Be semi-retired in 2 yrs, make 3-5 times what most people make.

He who writes your check dictates your life.

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Let me share you this, this is what we found out

It takes 18m to find a job in California, and then lose it again. Create a job and not work processing.

Every day you work hard, you help others reach their dreams.

How many years will your $25k in the bank last if you are 65 yrs old?

You should have your own business, a job of building your dreams where you dictate how much you wanted to get paid.

At 70.5yr, there is a RMD (required min distribution from your retirement plan). A mandatory rule for you to take out your retirement savings plan or a penalty of 80% is set up by the govt. All what is left is $1500 a year to live on. When you sign your 410k or IRA, you are hearded like cattles, by 70.5 yrs of age with RMD.

We will help you as business owner, you do not have to pay franchise fees (no need to spend $70k per yr for a real estate brokerage) and no need for $300k to start as no capital is needed.

The size of your income depends on the size of your VISION.

Blaze your own TRAILS.

To win the RAT race, do not join one. Be a leader. We have a system and business mentors and coaches for you. You can start part time and build slowly.  

The real failure is failing to try. You give yourself zero chance in an opportunity of a lifetime.

Let me help you get out of your first job as there is no need to find a second job.

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