What are you to make of all of the skincare products in the marketplace today? by Linda Moore RN

Let’s simplify.
There are four skin types:  Dry, oily, sensitive and combination.
  • When choosing a product, pay attention to what you need.  Products need not be expensive to be effective.  There is one line, available only at Saks, that sells a jar of moisturizer for almost $500.  Effective?  Only 45% active ingredient.  So, not really.
  • Starting with a moisturizer is always the best choice.  For dry skin, look for ingredients that provide for additional moisture “locking”.  Words that include “hydro” and humectant are always a good bet.
  • And, just because someone has oily skin, moisture is still necessary.  When looking for products for oily skin, be careful of benzol peroxide-based ingredients.  This will result in drying the skin, which can result in overproduction of … oil.  It is the body’s natural response.  Benzol peroxide can also lead to inflammation which may cause sensitivity.  There are many good lines available in local “drug stores” such as CVS, Walgreens and Target.  Check labels carefully.
  • Combination skin can be challenging but the right products can make the difference.  If there is underlying sensitivity, that needs to be addressed first.  Choosing products that are free from parabens and fragrance is important.  Next, the oil vs. dryness is important.  Perhaps a light, rather than heavy, moisturizer for daytime use, while a heavier product for sleep is advised.  Just keep focused on the T-zone oiliness by keeping those areas very clean.
  • So often, as we age, we develop sensitivities.  In fact, combination skin after age 50 is quite common.  What does that mean?  The body has been exposed to the elements, products, etc., for many years and those exposures might add up.
  • For someone with oily skin, it may change to sensitive/dry/combo skin.  Paying attention to these changes and changing products is important.
  • Let’s turn our attention to makeup.  We’ve all been guilty of using makeup that has been sitting in a drawer, long expired.  This can be one underlying cause of skin issues.  Please check the makeup you are using and toss those that are showing age.  Mascaras can actually carry bacteria.  Best to use a new tube every three months!
  • Now sunscreen/block.  This one product is the key to successful aging.  Use it every day, rain or shine.  Even while staying home, working on your computer, use it!  Harmful rays can penetrate through windows, whether at home or driving/riding in a car.  SPF 35 and above is recommended.  For prolonged exposure, it is recommended to reapply every two to three hours.
  • Please note:  It is best to apply sunscreen at least thirty minutes prior to sun exposure to insure coverage and the best protection.  Look for the ingredients zinc and titanium to get the best product.
  • Now let’s talk nutrition.  I have always said, healthy skin comes from the inside out.  What you put in, comes out on your skin.  Leafy greens are essential for glowing, healthy skin.  Minimize alcohol and other irritants.  Avoid exposure to second-hand smoke.  First-hand smoke … well, that goes without saying.  NO!  A healthy diet, mostly fresh and if cooked, done at home is the best.
  • Fast food comes in handy but is not the best on a regular basis.  Use the 80/20 rule as your guide.  Be “good” 80% of the time, then relax a bit for the rest of the time.
  • Exercise is a huge component to achieve healthy skin.  Aerobic activity increases blood flow to all areas of the body and helps the organs function at the highest level.  This in turn cleanses the body of toxins and byproducts of metabolism.  Even walking briskly for 30 – 45 minutes every other day can make a real difference.
  • And sleep.  Cannot underestimate the value of a good 7 – 9 hours/night.  This time gives your body the opportunity to refresh, reboot, rejuvenate.  Good, sound sleep just makes everything better, not just the skin.  When we are rested, the world looks better,  And, yes, we look better, too.  Hmmm … wonder if there is a correlation?
OK, enough lecture time.  Let me know your questions.
For a consultation, please let me know your best time.  We can use Skype or phone.
I look forward to meeting you and your skin.
Be well,
Linda Moore RN
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