Teachers, nurses and workers are my heroes.  They worked hard and so I pledge to help them with tax free retirement income for life.

Whethere you have only $300 per month to save or a $1M to set aside towards a lifetime retirement income, indexing strategy using an IUL will help you withdraw a net $75,000 per year  from $1 million earning 7.5%  in a 0% tax bracket.

How do you want to spend your retirement income? It is healthy to work until 70 yrs of age if you are happy and contented with your job. Happiness is a norm among financially free people. Be one and sleep at night knowing that your money does not participate when the market is down and keeps your principal and gains intact.

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Helping families in 50 US states.

Free without charge: Living benefits, access to funds up to $1.5M when cancer,stroke or disability occurs and a lifetime retirement income you can set.

With a stroke of a pen, you are increasing your estate from $100k to $2M.