What is the purpose of your money? Protect your legacy

Protect your legacy or accumulated wealth to help you have lifetime income, reallocate idle money/assets to tax free assets and grow your remaining funds.

What is the purpose of your money? There is a program I can help you fit the purpose of your assets and what you want to do with them.

If I can show you a program with guaranteed minimum of return, with guarantee that you can always participate in the upside potential with zero market loses, would that help you save now or grow your idle money?

Protect your current assets.

Do you know the personal assets life cycle? Learning stage is 0-25, dependent on other people, the 26-45 or the earning years, you start accumulating wealth thru savings. Job skills, lifestyle, health and income are factors.

Age 65 and over is the preservation or retirement stage. If you did everything right, you can build a nest egg. Don’t let this years be your yearning years.

If you did well and saved, there are things you cannot control: taxes, health, disability, inflation

The legacy age is the wealth transfer, efficiently distributing assets to your heirs avoiding taxes, final expense.

Part of my job is to help people preserve their assets in the preservation stage. Minimize cost in distribution stage, will you do business with me. I have some questions to help you.

Have anyone explained to you the three cornerstones of financial planning:

  1. What is the purpose of your equity/investments/risks? Do you have stocks, real estate, mutual funds? If you own your home, is it free and clear? What is the value of your stocks? What are your monthly income and expenses?
  2. Save: Before you invest, you have to save with 6 months of monthly income and with attention to market risks and income taxes.
  3. Insurance: Before you save, you have to insure yourself. Let’s review your life insurance and other insurance. What are the odds of a person age 65 or higher needing long term care? 1:2
    Do you have long term care policy? Do you have funeral expense insurance or 
    Funeral TRUST? 30% of US households have no life insurance. 


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