Talk to be understood by M. Talmage Moorehead

My son, the psychologist in training, has told me since his high school years, “If you don’t talk, Dad, people will assume the worst.”

I know that now.

To be understood you’ve got to open your mouth and talk. Especially when there’s a misunderstanding.

Be careful of silence… saying nothing until it’s too late.

But I wonder, is it ever too late?

Maybe time is not linear. Maybe the Universe never loses information – as the physicists say.

Maybe she heard me in that dream.

Maybe she understood and forgave me.

by M. Talmage Moorehead


Connie’s comments: Men should express more about their love. Women’s brain are charged more when hearing the voice of a man and more emotions are charged when kind loving words are expressed. In asking questions, we find answers. In communicating, we align our thoughts with others and become one in the universe. Maybe then we find our soul mate, one who we love to talk to during the remaining years of our life here on earth.

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