mirriamShe almost became President when she ran for President of the Philippines, won the city of Metro Manila but lost due to lack of funds and corruption.

She championed a clean government by putting some corrupt senators behind bars.

She spoke with intelligence and certainty. And has the heart of the Filipinos in mind.

She believed that the Filipino government must get rid of corruption to move forward for the sake of the next generation.

She is adored by the young people who can clearly see her work in the Senate.

People learn about the law by just listening to how she debates and prosecutes corrupt government officials.

In her lifetime, there is only one strong government official who cares for the Filipino masses, that is Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, the second cousin of my mom , Esperanza Defensor Poral from Pototan, Iloilo Philippines.

May God open his hands and show you peace in eternity.

Connie Poral Benedicto Dello Buono

Mirriam Defensor Santiago RIP – Philippine Senator 2016