This is my personal invite to those who wants a share of the ecommerce industry. But first, my condolence to the loved ones of Robin Williams, who is my favorite comedian of all time. May God’s face shine upon him.

Dear All,

I would like to invite those who wants to earn an income in the ecommerce industry, with Amazon, Wallmart, Target and other retailers.

This is one stream of income I am not afraid to share to you all. Ecommerce franchise business share for less.  You may pass this along to others who really need to get out of financial woes.

Email me – >  to get the link for info and to join and I wish to invite you all tomorrow in Burlingame at 6:30pm and in LA this Sat.
A global ecommerce, you have a share in the pie before going public in Jan 2015. Not much selling effort on your part.  You will not be disappointed. Retention rate as start up business owner is 98%. Like many of you, starting a business takes time to be in black but this one takes only a week.
$10k while your are sleeping in first 20 days. You can still do what you love to do.  My passion is still in finance education and health but I also need a stream of income in ecommerce.
Regards,  Connie
Connie Dello Buono 
Money coach and wealth strategist for tax-free retirement
1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124
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