The one advice our 40-70 year olds have on health and money

A practical advice on money and health from 40-70 yrs of age

If the learning and dependent phase is from 0-25 yrs of age, 30-40 yrs of age is the working and building a family phase, the 40-70 yrs of age is the accumulation to build wealth stage and the last stage is the 70-120 yrs of age, the yearning age (wishing to be back to youth and start saving early and making less mistakes in finances and health).

What would be your advice on health and money to the younger generation, now that you are between 40-70 yrs of age?

What lessons would you impart to save our younger generation from the mistakes you made?

Would you tell them to buy a house as their first investment at the third year of their first job?

Would you advice them to buy stocks or index funds?

Would you advice them to use credit cards in everything?

Would you advice them to learn how to be a business man and build a career or business based on their passion and beliefs?

Would you advice them to see take care of their choices in food, lifestyle and material things that may contribute to the toxicity of their body and the environment?

Would your advice them to choose the right college degree and job?

Please share your ten cents and email them to and put anonymous if you wanted to. Some of your answers will be included in an ebook. Please suggest a title for the ebook. The one advice our 40-70 year olds have on health and money.

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