During our life time, we changed jobs about 7 times and multiply that by 2 in the bay area. In Silicon Valley, half of the employees are contractors or temporary employees. Yesterday, a friend who just moved in the valley from Georgia asked how could the locals possibly afford the cost of renting or owning a house in the valley. Some of us are working more than two jobs and have some of the rooms in our house being rented out and even the garage are occupied.  Our children started working at 17 yrs old. We always find ways to do business on the side. Owning a business from selling at ebay, direct selling, and providing services have been the norm for the majority. If you do not sell, you will be sold. If you do not create, someone who created something will be your employer. So be courageous, own a business that you can control and work building your dreams and not of others.

For those who were just laid off and have a 401k/lump sum, let me show you how you can make that 401k savings work for you with a guaranteed lifetime retirement income using index annuities (qualified/non qualified tax deferred with nursing care rider) and Index Universal Life policy (tax-free, with terminal and critical illness riders) at more than 9% return. Contact Connie Dello Buono CA Life Lic 0G60621 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.com

We are always hiring. Express your interest and we will find ways to collaborate to start as part time with no capital.

Let me help you prepare before your reach the age of 59.5 yrs old, 65 or 70.5. There are long term care costs and taxes that you have to account for to prepare to not outlive your resources during the long retirement years. Remember, taxed Social security benefits can only provide $2642 per month at age 66 yrs old (amount as of 2014, we do not know what the future holds, save now at higher rate than the bank). Enjoy life, do not lose money from stocks and real estate when you do not have to. Share your talents. We need you.

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