Why I will hire the 50 plus generation

The 50plus generation are hard working bunch and will not give up on small or big challenges. There is no problem that cannot be solved. No misunderstanding that cannot be resolved. And no limitation that cannot be overcome. They are savvy collaborators finding ways to connect and expand. They are very creative especially using the past as tools to create new innovations and business.

Life experiences strengthened this generation to be ready for what comes their way.

If you are 50 yr old, business minded and living life on your own terms we want you in our team.

Time is the greatest asset of the young people. Wisdom and ability to change are powerful tools of the 50plus gen.

You want to live life on your own terms. Although you cannot get your time back, you can still deliver beyond your imagination as you are now experienced with life. Now you have discovered what is inside of you that you have not known since you are so busy just going with the flow. Street smart coupled with desire to win and be challenged are your norm.

Action is power. You know that change is at hand or else you will live the same as before without any change.

You write down your plans, strategies, inspiration and creative moments to not forget to execute them the next day.

You live by example, knowing that the next generation is looking up to you as their role model.

You know how to tap your inner power to be energy rich, certain in your action and beliefs.

You are now creating new pattern of the new and not the old to achieve what you have not achieved before.

Yes follow your destiny.

Build your dreams and not of others.

Take the leap of owning your dreams.

50plus generation are great in mastering influence.  


Contact Connie Dello Buono if you want to be part time business owner/agency owner levering social networking, proven system, financial strength, field training, products that help families save tax free for lifetime retirement income and asset protection and accumulation at 13.5% return. 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.com Licensed or unlicensed. Use 52hours.com for review.

I am looking for 50plus generation who wanted to own their time, in the business of financial services. With Life and Health license or without license. If you are  tired of your current career and wanted to have your own business, we welcome you and full field training is provided.

You are invited to an informational session on Sat in Hercules,Monday in San Jose, Wed in Fremont, Friday in Hercules and Thursday in Sacramento. This is to equip you with training and skills so that you can train others to succeed in the business. 



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