After college, you wanted to get any job you can get into. While doing that, it would be a good preparation for you to learn about financial planning. This Saturday, learn about estate planning and tax free retirement. As you will be working for the next 40-50 years of your life, let it be productive and meaningful. Learn from the financial mistakes of the generation before you.

Spare yourself from tax penalties and taxes. From health threats and financial threats.  Learn how others retire their family and every thing you wanted to know about financial planning 101.

Equip yourself with the knowledge of how money works, the laws of compounding, the various financial and insurance products and planning early on your estate and asset accumulation and protection.

You will never lose a penny if you start early and learn from others who succeeded in preparing for their lifetime retirement income.

Venue: 700 Alfred Nobel Drive Hercules, CA 94547

Time: 9:30am

Contact Connie DelloBuono, 408-854-1883