September is Life Insurance month. Many families without life insurance only receives more than $200 for social security upon the death of their love ones.

Many more who owns a house, have children and even the grandparents who want to leave a legacy, tax free and probate free can avail of all kinds of life insurance products. The $14,000 gift allowed per year per person can be used to open an index universal life policy to the young or grandchildren that will provide for college and retirement funds.

Some life insurance products have long term care insurance and living benefits included.

So a 77 yr old healthy grandpa opened a $110k single premium whole life insurance that includes long term care to allow wealth transfer to the next generation probate and tax free and in case of health threats he now have a long term care insurance.

More than half of the population in the USA can only afford a $25,000 non medical life insurance for funeral expense and many insurance carrier have these products too.

Now that I am an insurance broker, I can provide many more options to all to be prepared to have a higher return of  their retirement savings, provide protection of their wealth and life, generate a lifetime retirement income with living benefits and/or long term care to prepare for health threats or illness.

Are you 60 yrs old and needs funeral expense with no medical test?

Average monthly premium for 60 yr old is around $60 per month, giving you $25000 of face amount sufficient for your funeral expense.

Would you be interested if I can save you 80% of your long term care expense (before going to a nursing home)? It is best to talk about your long term care planning in the presence of your family members. Call us to help you navigate with your health planning, estate, asset protection and financial/retirement planning needs.

We have accidental and non-accidental death benefit whole life insurance between $5000 to $35,000, a proprietary insurance product.

Graded life insurance product, accidental and funeral expense in one product that we can also provide. Insurance you can get at point of sale.

We have an Estate Maximizer for Seniors, for creating a legacy and a tax free death benefit. If you are interested to transfer your wealth with no probate and taxes, we can help you.

Your current life insurance will take care of your other liabilities: mortgage, education and other bills. Who is going to bury you when you die? Did you designated someone for funeral arrangement when you die?

How much balance is in your house? Your life insurance will be enough to cover your house remaining mortgage balance but you still need funeral expense.

If you need an FDIC insured annuities, contact Connie. No medical test and some annuities include long term care.

If you need long term care insurance, you are secured that should any health threats occur you will not go bankrupt as you have long term care insurance to support you.

For all kinds of life insurance and index annuities, call Connie Dello Buono, CA Life 0G60621 at 408-854-1883  (allow 48hrs for residents outside of California).


Connie Dello Buono is also founder of Motherhealth Inc 501c3 which provide affordable caregiving to homebound seniors in the bay area and Philippines.