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Carrier Product  & Features Roll Up Premium Bonus Death Benefit Rating FMO Bonus Surrender
North American Charter 14  bonus for 7 yrs deposits, 3 income rider choice, min prem 2kQ flexible, cost .95%   5.5% for life/6.75% for 10/ 6.25% for 20 10.00% Full accumulation value A+ $275/100k 14
Great American Safe Return, ROP, Bailout cap, cost.85/.75/1.25 start age 55   10%/7yrs Income -9%/10yrs DB -8%/12yrs   8% rider income value  5 yrs pay A+ $275/100k 10
NWL Ultra Feature with competitive early income payouts, min $2kQ cost .75% start age 60  4% compounding  14.00% Full accumulation value A $500/100k 15
Allianz Endurance Plus, 105% participation, no fee    20.00% Enhance value paid over 5 yrs AA $500/100k 10
Allianz Masterdex X , 5% premium bonus, 8% simple interest forever , cost .75% 8% simple interest  till age 90 5.00% Full accumulation value AA $500/100k 10
Aviva Income Preferred Bonus, min $5k flexible, with income rider, cost .75%      4% or 1% some state Full accumulation value A $500/100k 10
American Equity Bonus Gold 5K Min, 4% is a free rider 4%/6.50%-20yrs/7%-10yrs  10.00% AV or DBV in a lump sum A- $500/100k 16
EquiTrust Market 12 Bonus, rider cost .75% based on AV deducted out of AV income start age 50 6.50% compounding up to 15 yrs  12% spread over 4 yrs Full accumulation value BBB+ $500/100k 14
Athene Benefit 10 income with LTC  and Death Benefit rider, cost 1.40%  issue age 30 8% for 10 yrs. 5% yr 11  simple up to age 85  6% on AV Income rider paid over 5 yrs B++ $275/100k 10
Phoenix Life Personal Protection Care or Income Annuity, with LTC  and Death Benefit rider, cost 1.15%   14% 10 yrs. Then 3% simple up to 10 yrs  only for early income 5%/10% roll up lump sum B+ $500/100k 10
F&G Prosperity Elite 7/10/14 Death Benefit rider  cost 1.10% Compounding  7% for 10 yrs  8% on AV  Income pays over 5 yrs to bene B++ $500/100k 14
Oxford Life Royal Select 8% bonus  Single premium  with income rider  fee .75% Compounding  6.50% for 10 yrs 8.00% Full accumulation value A-   10
Legacy/F&G AdvanceMark Ultra 14  Single  premium with built in income rider  fee .70% Compounding  7% for 10 yrs w/restart option 10% on AV Full accumulation value B+ $500/100k 14
Legacy/F&G LegendMark flex premium with opt income rider  fee .70% Compounding  5% for 10 yrs 10% on AV Full accumulation value B+ $500/100k 14
F&G Simplicity Elite 7/10/14 Income & Dbl ltc rider  cost 1.25% Simple 10% for 10 yrs  7% on AV Full accumulation value B++   14
Sentinel Security Life Summit Bonus Index  Single premium  wit optional income rider, Fee 1.05% Compounding  7% for 20 yrs 9% FL & NC/6.5% UT Full accumulation value