Yearly Financial Planning Review

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When you don’t plan your financial future, you cannot control it. Be accountable for all your assets and liabilities so you will always be prepared for any health threats and financial threats. Remember these threats: health threats and need for long term care, inflation, taxes, overspending,lack of protection or insurance (life,health,assets) and lack of growth or poor return of your investments and savings.

financial plan 2014  Use this spreadsheet to track your finances and future needs.

    Your Financial Plan Update 2014        
Assets Husband Wife Risks/Taxed Liabilities    
Cash       Mortgage balance (1:1)    
CD/Money Market       Car balance    
Savings/Checking       Rental home expense    
401k     Medium/Tax deferred Credit Cards Balance    
IRA     Taxed deferred Other Real estate balance    
Qualified Accounts       Admin fee/Mutual fund fees    
Stocks     High Education expense/loans    
Life Insurance whole life cash accumulation       Insurance costs    
Rental Income         House (1:1200)  
Real estate equity/income         Car (1:250)  
ETFs/mutual funds     High/Medium Family adjustment    
Variable Annuities     High Retirement supplement    
Fixed Indexed Annuities       Final expense    
Index Universal Life Savings/Cash Accumulation       Insurance guarantee Risk Free    
Index Universal Life Face Amount         Hospital/Medical 1:15  
Funeral Expense Policy         Dental  
Bonds     Medium   Disability Income (1:4)  
Other Collectibles            
Your Initial 1          
Date 2          
Goal 3          

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