As we are all travelers in this world, we come and go. We either touch someone’s life or just gathering dust. We connect or disconnect. We spread love or hate. We influence others, motivate them or demotivate them.

As I was spending my working hours at Starbucks, I saw a woman in her mid forties sitting or reclining on a chair as she has a neck support or neck band around her neck.

So, I gathered the extra newspaper selecting the business section that is left on the table beside her. I asked her what happened to her neck and she told me that she just had surgery and joint inflammation.

So, I mentioned turmeric and pineapple to help her inflammation. I said I am not a doctor but my 79 yr old mom loves Zyflamend which has turmeric and ginger in it. I too uses a blend of these herbs in coconut as massage.

She said that we are in the same page, she has been taking these herbs and supplements as she used to be a massage therapist.

And we talk and talk. And parted and she said blessings to you Connie. And I said the same.


I was calling some important people in my address list and happen to remember to call a woman I met at the gym. She remembered me and we chatted and asked her what makes her busy nowadays. She said that she is taking the CBEST and that she wanted to teach art. So I taught her some tricks on taking the math test as I have taken the same test and motivated her to teach art and mentioned my daughter who went to Lincoln high, a performance/magnet Art HS where my daughter received her HS and as a result of the contribution of her art teachers became a congressional artist award recipient.

She thanked the math taking tips and will email me on the next zumba class that we will both attend.

And so we said to see each other soon.