Plan your day or others will plan for it

Plan your day or others will use your day for their plans. Share good thoughts or others bad thoughts will fill your mind.

Develop good habits or others will influence their habit to you. Spend your day with your good thoughts and actions or others will influence your day based on their thoughts and actions.

Go outside and share happy memories or you will be following others in creating their memories.

Reflect on what is best thing to share at each moment to capture happy thoughts, share happy memories and create happy memories.

Remember to say I love you to the ones that matter to you the most and spend even few minutes in person or phone to the one you love.

Kindness and generosity expands as you share yours, others will do the same creating happy memories one person at a time.

Live like you are not alone, but in a journey with others with the goal of spreading cheers, good thoughts and loving actions.

So share a hug, say I love You often and embrace life like we are all participants in the journey of life, full of colors and positive spirits.

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connie dello buono

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